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Imagine a regatta that could somehow bring together classic Hyannis Yacht Club watercraft you've known and loved through the years. 

Okay, now stop imagining... and click one of the links below to see a nifty slideshow!

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How many of these boats (and sailors) do you remember?

          The following collage was created in 1997 and presented to Joe Hoffman. 
          Click anywhere on the image for a larger, printable PDF version.

Click anywhere on this collage for a larger, printable version!

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You'll be able to zoom in for the details... and print them if you like!

1939:  Hyannis Yacht Club's 1st Racing Schedule
1939:  Hyannis Yacht Club Racing Courses Chart
1939:  SMYRA Schedule of races
1939:  Tercentenary Regatta instructions (July 25, 1939)
1939:  HYC Open Class race results
1940:  18-foot Knockabout Regatta (August 17, 1940)

1965:  HYC race schedule
1965:  Race result stories (CC Standard-Times, July 7 - August 27, 1965)
1965:  Hud Baxter's “Snafu” Qualifies! (CC Standard-Times, August 29, 1965)
1965:  HYC race result (CC Standard-Times, September 8, 1965)

1978:  HYC race results (from November 14, 1978 Awards Night program)
1979:  HYC race results (from November 13, 1979 Awards Night program)
1980:  HYC race results (from November 25, 1980 Awards Night program)

1984:  “Rough seas greet 42nd regatta” (CC Times, July 26, 1984)
1984:  photos of Brigadoon IV and Boomerang (CC Times, July 27, 1984)
1984:  “Rampage, Scottish Ire lead Hyannis regatta” (CC Times, July 29, 1984)
1986:  results of 44th Hyannis Yacht Club regatta (CC Times, July 28, 1986)
1986:  Beetle Cats sailing in 1st Yacht Club Invitational (CC Times, Aug 1986)
1989:  “Waiting for fickle Figawi winds” color photo (CC Times, May 28, 1989)
1989:  “It's Moore & MacGregor in a breeze” (CC Times, June 21, 1989)
1989:  “High winds spice US Youth Sailing finale” (CC Times, June 30, 1989)

1992:  50th Hyannis Regatta story, results, photo (CC Times, August 1, 1992)
1992:  HYC hosts USWA National Championship (August 19-23, 1992)
1994:  52nd Hyannis Regatta story & photos (CC Times, July 30, 1994)

August 1991:  Hurricane Bob savages Lewis Bay...

Hurricane Bob, images 1-3 Hurricane Bob, images 4-6 Hurricane Bob, images 7-9
Click inside any of these three columns to see larger versions of the photos

On the internet, all videos are digital -- like the ones you see on YouTube.

So while we'd love to share your 8mm home movies or VHS tapes, they'd have to be converted to DVD first.  We can't do that.  But we know someone who will!

Terry Moore (wife of WQRC Founder and engineering whiz Don Moore) has a wonderful studio in their Centerville home.  Her company, "A Lifetime of Memories", specializes in rescuing old films and videotapes -- and delivering them to you as DVDs.

You can reach her at 508-771-0457.   Or click here to send her an e-mail describing what you've got.

Once your video is on DVD, just select the segments you'd like to share on this website.
We'll turn those segments into Flash videos that everyone will be able to see!