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The “Old Club” was founded in 1895 and thrived until the 1930s in the Pleasant Street area now occupied by Baxter’s Boat House.

Its earliest days were meticulously chronicled in an actual scrapbook… which then vanished for 99 years!  This century-old treasure was discovered in 2000 and presented to the Hyannis Yacht Club.

Now we’ve carefully digitized its 35 brittle pages, so it’ll never be “lost” again...

NOTE:  This is a large (12MB) file of archival quality, so better save it
               to your hard drive -- and enjoy it later, at your leisure. 

To save it, just right-click on the image below, choose “Save Target As...”,
(if you're using the Safari browser, choose “Download Linked File As...” ) and then decide where on your hard drive you'd like to put it.

Click here to view the scrapbook!

In the meantime, here are some highlights you can view right now:

Application to incorporate  (August 21, 1895)

Hyannis Patriot article about Hyannis Yacht Club's incorporation  (Sept 1895)

Article about Hyannis Port Boat Pier Company meeting  (Sept 11, 1895)

1895 Profiles of:   Allan Eagleston       Lindsey Oliver       Commodore Henry Winship

Hyannis Yacht Club Clubhouse dedication  (1896)

Announcement of the Hyannis Yacht Club’s annual birthday party (Aug 19, 1898)

Invitation to the Hyannis Yacht Club's “Hurdy Gurdy” party  (Aug 12, 1899)

House Rules (undated)

The letter accompanying the repatriated scrapbook  (April 23, 2000)