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postcard of Clubhouse (courtesy of Win Carter)
1940s HYC membership application form
photo of Clubhouse (March 30, 1947)

In the late 1940s, lacking a dock, HYC members rolled up their sleeves and built one!  Here are some photos from that project:

Tom Hadley & Bob Kesten on lumberjack detail Hank Crowell (center) with sawmates
Bill Coville (at left) being supervised
Commodore C. Marchant “March” Wilde, at work
Kesten & Hadley again, in their prime
Howard Marchant sweeps up inside

Chuck Lockhart contributed these images from the 1948 Edgartown Regatta:

Arriving in style
Ben Pihl, Chuck Lockhart, Lois, Howard Doane

Joe Puccia, Tom Hadley, Bob Kesten, H. Doane
Howard Doane & Ben Pihl, on board
The Race (#1)
The Race (#2)
The Race (#3)
Chuck Lockhart, contrapposto

Must-see documents from the 1950s!  A click from you... and they'll come to life again!

1956:  HYC seeks 'young blood' by lowering dues (January 25, 1956)
1956:  Hudson Baxter becomes a member (February 23, 1956)
1956:  43 lbs of turkey for $25?... Food list for the New Members party! (May 5, 1956)
1959:  Gerald Besse casts off, avoiding $30 annual dues (October 1, 1959)
1959:  HYC Annual Meeting minutes (October 25, 1959)
1959:  Nominations of 1959-60 officers (October 1959)

Bonus:  An aerial photo of Crab Creek, filled in...

The smooth functioning of the Hyannis Yacht Club doesn't happen by accident.
Throughout the decades, volunteers have always chipped in to help...

1960:  Thank-you letter to Richard Bourne for his help in HYC auction  (Sept 6, 1960)
1962:  Thank-you letter to Harriet Scudder & Second Mates  (February 3, 1962)
1962:  Thank-you letter to Mrs. Robert Booty & Second Mates  (December 6, 1962)
1963:  Capt. Mo Johnson spares HYC “hard, wet, disagreeable work”  (Nov 11, 1963)
1967:  HYC helps Town of Barnstable in dredging of Hyannis Harbor  (Jan 5, 1967)

Dinner, tax, tip & dancing to a live orchestra... all for $3.95?
Maybe the 1970s weren't so horrible after all!
See for yourself...
              Valentine Buffet flyer  (February 21, 1970)
              Spring Festival flyer  (March 21, 1970)
              Swing Into Spring flyer  (April 18, 1970)

1977:  Awards Night Agenda  (September 30, 1977)
1978:  Awards Night program cover, autographed!  (November 14, 1978)
1978:  Awards Night menu.  And the winner is... your wallet!  (November 14, 1978)

Money is like the tide.  Sometimes it's coming in.  Sometimes it's going out.
Here's proof that our finest minds do keep track of it...

1980:  HYC gets nicked for tardy renewal of entertainment license  (May 28, 1980)
1980:  HYC Annual Income & Expense Report  (September 30, 1980)
1980:  HYC Annual Balance Sheet  (September 30, 1980)
1981:  HYC Annual Income & Expense Report & Balance Sheet  (September 30, 1981)
1983:  Second Mates ledger

1980:  Awards Night program cover  (November 25, 1980)
1984:  Surviving Founder Adolphe Richards made Privileged Member  (Jan 4, 1984)
1984:  Surviving Founder Harold Andrews made Privileged Member  (Jan 4, 1984)
1987:  A collector's item!  Vol.1, No. 1 of the HYC newsletter, The Telltale  (Dec 1987)
1988:  Complete program from the HYC's Golden Anniversary Ball  (August 20, 1988)